Nutrition is as individual as you are.  There is no 1 "System" that will work for everyone. At Personal Nutrition we look at your current lifestyle and create a nutrition plan that will work for you.

  • How our system works:

  • Contact us to answer any questions or to book your 90 minute consultation. 

  • Complete the attached questionnaire and medical history

  • Complete the food log for the next 3 days

  • During the consultation we will discuss your 3 day food log, your eating habits, your activity, your cravings and anything else that effects your nutrition.​  We will also take measurements, weight and body fat.

  • We will create a meal plan designed to fit within your lifestyle but will help create a healthy body.

  • After the initial consultation you will continue tracking your eating and we will have a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly check-in to address concerns and make any necessary changes

4 Week Program - Includes the initial consultation, meal plan, custom tracker and 4 weeks of check-ins. - $125.00 90 minute meeting 


Additional Options

Weekly Check In - $80.00 a month 15-minute call or drop in meeting

Bi-Monthly Check In - $60.00 a month 30-minute call or drop in meeting

Monthly Check In - $50.00 a month 45-minute call or drop in meeting

I have questions - free 30-minute question and answer session